LEFT: The cover of The Roads that Lead to Lincoln, the book that traces Abraham Lincoln's life while living in Illinois, and lists the historic Lincoln-related sites the traveler can visit on three National Scenic Byways in Illinois

The back cover of The Roads that Lead to Lincoln summarizes what you will see inside. Click on the image to see a larger view of the back cover.

The Roads that Lead to Lincoln contains an introduction and six chapters. Chapter One, "What have we done to Abe?" discusses some of the commercial and fictional ways that Lincoln's legacy, likeness, and name have been used, and perhaps abused, since his death. Chapter Two, "Lincoln's Life in Illinois," traces Lincoln's progress as a family man, a lawyer, and a politician during his years living in Illinois. Chapter Three, "Funeral Train," discusses his assassination and the return of his coffin from Washington, D. C. to Illinois. Click the image to the left to see the Introduction and the first page of Chapter One.

The final three chapters of The Roads that Lead to Lincoln discuss the places on or near three of the Illinois National Scenic Byways which have a connection to Lincoln or his family. Chapter Four covers the Route 66 Corridor, Chapter Five lists the sites along or near the Great River Road, and Chapter Six does the same for the Illinois section of the Lincoln Highway. Click the image to the left to see two pages from the Lincoln Highway chapter.

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